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The 3 Steps in the Estate Planning Process in Colorado Springs

At The Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock, LLC we walk our clients through the process of estate planning in three easy steps:

Step ONE: Counseling

First we will send you an intake form for you to fill out prior to our first meeting. At the first meeting, weColorado Springs Estate Planning Attorney
will meet with face-to-face for an hour and a half or so to get to know you, learn about you, your family and property, and go over the intake form. From there, we explain the background and purpose of estate planning in more detail, explore options for your individualized estate plan, and counsel you on the best choices for you and your family.

Step TWO: Drafting

The drafting stage is where we put your wishes and choices to paper. After we have met with you and counsel you on your estate planning options and choices, we take all of that information and draft your documents accordingly, including wills and/or trusts, financial and medical powers of attorney and living wills. We then send you a draft of your estate plan documents for review prior to signing. This stage generally takes a week or so to complete, and we always work to ensure that you receive your draft documents a week in advance of your signing appointment.

Step THREE: Signing

The signing stage is the “seal the deal” stage of estate planning. During the first half of the signing appointment, we review and explain all aspects of your documents and answer any questions you have. Once you are satisfied the documents are accurate, complete and you are confident you understand the documents, we formally sign the documents, including two witnesses and a notary, to ensure the documents meet all necessary legal standards for execution.

When you walk through the estate planning process at The Law Office of Kevin R Hancock, you will not have to wonder if your will and estate plan will meet your family’s ever-changing needs. You will be pleased to discover how much relief and peace of mind comes with having these important conversations with your attorney and getting the right legal protection in place. Have questions or ready to get started? Call The Law Office of Kevin R Hancock today!

We allot an hour and a half for your signing appointment.

We will send you by email a draft of your estate plan documents at least one week in advance of your signing appointment.

Yes, Colorado law requires that a will must be witnessed by two people in order to be validly executed.

Anyone who is not your blood relative, who is not named in your documents and who is 18 years of age. If you cannot provide a witness for your signing appointment, we can provide one for you for a small fee.

At a minimum, you will get your original executed documents back and an electronic copy of your documents on either a flash-drive or a CD. Even in this day and age, courts require original documents to probate wills. So, you will need to maintain your documents in a safe place like a fireproof safe or a safe deposit box. However, recent fires in Colorado have proven that a freezer can be fairly safe place to maintain your original documents, too.

We recommend that you keep your original documents and copies in a safe place that you maintain but that you notify your personal representatives/trustees and agents under your powers of attorney where you are keeping the documents and how to access them (i.e. keys, passwords, etc.). Except, we recommend you disseminate your medical power of attorney in various places, including giving a copy to your named agent(s) and keeping an electronic copy on your smartphone. That way, in the event of an emergency, you have a copy immediately available.