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Probate Services

Probate Services

While you can avoid probate litigation by creating a will or trust, if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot avoid probate, it’s advisable you hire an experienced probate attorney to handle the matters. The laws applicable to probate in Colorado are complex. The Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock, LLC will work with you to help navigate the probate process easier and ensure you reap the benefits. 

What’s Probate?

If an individual owns property in Colorado, a Colorado court may oversee the property ownership transfer from the estate of the decedent to the heirs – whether or not there is a will created by the individual. This oversight process for property transfer is what is called probate.

Our Probate Services

At The Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock, LLC, we administer a decedent’s estate and identify and distribute property and assets to beneficiaries. We also provide services for other matters that require you to go through the probate court process including:

  • Will contests
  • Lost wills
  • The removal of trustees and executors
  • Petition for probate
  • Probate litigation
  • Trust administration
  • Post-mortem tax planning
  • Court proceedings for incompetent and incapacitated adults or conservatorships
  • Court proceedings for minors or guardianships

Probate Litigation

You will rarely find the probate process being straightforward; however, when you work with The Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock, LLC, we ensure that you have a stress free experience. Probate litigation can be very stressful, often involving high-risk exposure as well as unpredictable results.

An experienced probate attorney will simplify the process. The Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock, LLC is committed to ensuring that you get the most direct route to a victorious outcome. If you face probate, ensure you seek a law firm that will chart the right course.

If there are disagreements from beneficiaries and heirs about how the executor is handling the property and money or is being unfair, you can seek the services of a probable attorney.

Will contests are common and they occur when a beneficiary or family member objects to the will during or before the probate process. If you are going to contest a will, you will need to have a legal standing so that you can be heard by the judge handling the probate case.

Will contests can occur for example, if one child has been left a small share of the assets or estate than the other siblings. It can also occur when allotted disbursement of property or money to children changes from a previous will to a current will without having a clear understanding as to what or why the will has changed. This can suggest that there was an undue influence from one or several of the family members or even a care-taker who is trying to take advantage of the situation. When you find yourself in these situations, a probate attorney will come in handy to help with the probate court process.

Talk to us at the Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock, LLC to find out how we can help you with probate matters!