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Why Choose The Law Office of Kevin R. Hancock?





These are the three words that best describe Kevin. He is honest with his clients, sometimes to a fault.  While he has a lot of experience in Estate Planning and Business Law, he knows that he does not know everything about every possible issue, and he is the first one to tell his clients whether their legal objectives are possible or realistic or even whether their legal objectives or needs are beyond his experience.


Kevin’s integrity is such that he will do what is right for his clients, even when they are not watching.


Finally, not only does Kevin do the work his clients need, he strives to teach and educate his clients on what he is doing for them and why it will help them.  That teaching mentality and willingness derives from his compassion for his clients, their situations and their needs, which is what keeps Kevin’s clients coming back year after year.


“My objective is to provide efficient and expert legal services to my clients.  I am open, transparent and teaching oriented while providing client-focused solutions. I am sensitive to the concerns that my clients are facing and strive to ensure that my services reflect my core values of honesty, integrity, and compassion.”



Kevin R. Hancock serves clients throughout the Front Range of Colorado, including Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Denver and Pueblo.