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Living Wills – Part 1

Living Wills, Part 1 – What State Am I In?

The Living Will (a.k.a. the Advance Directive, End of Life Directive) is a relatively straightforward document, yet it is the one document we spend the most time discussing when doing a person’s estate plan. The question is deceptively simple – if you are in a “Persistent Vegetative State” or “Terminal Condition”, how long do you want to remain on life support?

But, before you can answer that question, you have to understand what “Persistent Vegetative State” and “Terminal Condition” means:

1. Persistent Vegetative State in Colorado is defined as: A medical state in which an attending physician and another doctor, qualified to make such diagnosis, agree that within a reasonable degree of medical probability the patient can no longer think, feel anything, knowingly move, or be aware of being alive. The physicians must agree this condition will last indefinitely without hope for improvement and have monitored the patient long enough to make that decision. “Persistent Vegetative State” is defined by reference to the criteria and definitions employed by prevailing community medical standards of practice, and not by the definition above.

2. Terminal

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0 January 30, 2018